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Home Toxins- How to Reduce Your Exposure

There are different chemicals that contain toxins, but, because we lack crucial information one can be exposed or come in contact with some of these toxins in your day-to-day life at your home.
According to research there are more than 167 million chemicals that are used on different products and some of them have toxins that are harmful to our health, go through this article to know about some of these toxins and also get information on how you can reduce the exposure.
The first toxin that we will discuss on this page is Phthalates. Phthalates can contribute to hormone disruption and other complicated issues to the reproductive system, this toxin can be found in different items including Vinyl flooring, blinds, cleaning items, and personal care products. Phthalates cause abnormal developments. When you are doing shopping for items to use in your home including floorboards and blinds inquire from the store manager whether they contain Phthalates and you can also make an effort of calling the manufacturer to find out if these products contain Phthalates or not.
Around the world, the use of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers is becoming less common, however, they are still popular in some states however it is important to note that PBDEs can expose you to health issues. According to some studies PBDEs have been linked to causing some issues.
It is important to research before you can purchase new items and especially the expensive items to ensure that they are Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers free, It is quite stressful if you buy an expensive item that exposed you to toxins and puts your health in danger. Always keep your home clean and also dust-free so that you can reduce the PBDEs that you are exposed to.
VOCs are other toxins that you can be exposed toxins in your home. Many different compounds are found under VOCs. VOCs cause people to have eye, nose, or throat irritation and they also cause dizziness, headaches, and memory loss. One can develop cancer, get kidney or liver damage. To reduce the VOCs toxins exposure check the products that are labeled as VOC-free or Low-VOC. If you realize the any of the products that you buy has VOCs toxins then you need to off-gas this is important before you can keep these products inside your home.
We also have Dioxins. The incineration of municipal and commercial waste, burning of coal, oil or wood are some of the processes that can expose you to dioxin toxins. There are different issues associated with dioxin exposure, hence for you to avoid exposure to dioxin you need to avoid the burning of any unsafe products in your fireplace, including items like PCP- treated wood, plastics because these are some of the items that contain chlorine.
Molds are associated with different health issues and you must keep your home free of any molds.